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Adulthood, rethought

What happens to children with developmental disabilities as they become adults? It’s a question all parents of special needs kids will face as their children age — and it’s question to be answered by Jordan Mocek and Melissa Harris.

Sharing stories

We’ve all got great stories to share, but families with children with special needs have especially inspirational tales to tell.

Structuring the summer

Summer break — for parents, the word “break” may be inaccurate. The loss of structure and routine that accompanies those school-free months can be a challenge for any parent, but the time off can create a unique set of problems for those who have children with special needs.

Let's play ball

Don’t pack away those baseball mitts just yet. The Miracle League of Northwest Ohio (MLNWO) is forming its fall league, due to begin September 9. The purpose of the league is to give every child with disabilities the opportunity to play baseball. “Sports played a big role in my life growing up," said MLNWO founder