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No small “feet”

Is it ever a good thing to have something stuck to your shoes? It can be now! Stikii, a fun and unique Toledo-based venture, is looking to give kids something new to wear — and to get stuck on.

A natural fit

A communal gathering space where inner peace and fitness become one was Deborah Chapman’s dream four years ago, when TONIC Studio’s building was under construction.

Bold new buys

Becoming a parent can make you realize you have needs you never knew about — that’s what Ryan Wright discovered when he and his wife had their first child in September 2011.

Sweet and wild

Iris Lauber is nothing if not enthusiastic. “I’m passionate about food,” the Toledo native says. “I bake every day.” But for Lauber, baking is more than a hobby — it’s a way of life.

A paradise for pups

People love their dogs. Whether it’s expressed with outfits, a decorative bowl or a fanciful collar, their care is of the utmost importance to owners.