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fill your shelves

Over the past year, area readers have mourned the loss of beloved bookshops Frogtown Books and a Novel Idea, but for book lovers, hope springs eternal. Just ask Jeanine Lorigan, owner of J's Bookshelf, a gently-used bookshop that opened in Sylvania on March 1. Lorigan is a veteran of both a Novel Idea and longtime

changing spaces

The Bedford Child Development Center (BCDC) that once shared space with a local church in Lambertville has moved to a new location with plenty of space to sprawl. “We felt that we had a bigger need in the community,” said owner Cindy Maher, who had spent the last two years looking for a larger space.

Keeping memories alive

Everyone has a stash of VHS or Beta family video cassettes, mini dv tapes, old photos, slides or even family films lurking in closets and drawers collecting dust.  It would be a shame to lose that vast history and those heartwarming memories.  Steve Eichenberg and Tom Stamos of Memory Transfers, a digital transfer service, realized