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Young leadership

As the presidential primary season rolls on, it’s easy to wonder whether there could be a better class of candidates than those we’ve seen already.

An artistic harvest

An artistic harvest In a real way, our state (and our country) was built on the strength of its farms — but city kids might not always be aware of where their food comes from.

Berry good

The start of June means the start of picking your own fresh strawberries! Johnston Farms in Swanton provides individuals with the experience of going out and picking their own strawberries.

Space to grow

Make room for the birds, and maybe buy a unique work of art, as the Toledo Farmers’ Market presents “Birdhouses For Schoolhouses,” a fun and festive fundraiser for Milan, Ohio’s Veggie U.

Shoe in

What to do with those shiny new shoes your toddler outgrew that are taking up valuable closet space? Stikii Shoe Company has kicked off the Red, White and Shoe Drive in an effort to collect Toledoans' gently-used adult and children's shoes and redistribute them to those in need. "These are the shoes that are stuffed

Expanding the dream

After expenditures of $4.5 million and a year of construction, West Side Montessori’s new building at 7115 W. Bancroft is set for a September unveiling — but the new space’s natural feel isn’t even the best part, says Ben Roberts, director of the campus consolidation program. “The best thing about the new facility is that