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Giving back

What if $2 could offer a woman and her baby a safe, clean delivery process, decreasing infection and promoting healthful births in third world countries?

Out and about

Skippyjon Jones is a little kitten with big ears and big dreams! With an active imagination, Skippyjon could be a bird one day and a llama or a whale the next — anything but a Siamese cat!

Spreading a healthy message

Nothing is more important to our future than raising a generation of healthy kids, and childhood obesity is a major roadblock in the way. Mercy Children’s Hospital is doing its part to keep our young folks fit with the Kohl’s Kids in Action program.

Getting in the spooky spirit

Halloween might be only a few weeks away, but for kids it’s an eternity. If your young ones can’t wait to kick off the fall fun and get into their costumes, you won’t want to miss the second annual Nightfall Festival at Toledo Botanical Garden.

Step into the swamp

Take a day trip south and join in a late-summer tradition, as the Black Swamp Arts Festival returns to Bowling Green September 7-9.

A new generation

Whatever your beliefs, there’s nothing more sacred than the welfare of your children — so in a way it’s appropriate that Toledo’s Little Generation Day Care has found its home in a former church.