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Ye Olde Durty Bird makes its mark downtown

I have continued to make an effort to head downtown with the kids more often during all times of the year. However, we still love “Summer in the City”. There’s something about walking the streets and seeing all the people out and about in Hensville, Uptown, down by the river, or somewhere in between. As

New Twist on an Ancient Roll

Not long ago my teenage daughter came home raving about this cool new sushi place called FUSIAN that she had been to with friends. She finally convinced me and we ventured out for family dinner one Saturday night. Rock-n-Roll It is bright, contemporary and minimalistic in décor with lime green as the accent color. I

6 Great Reasons to Cook with your Kids: A recipe for success

Cooking with kids takes a little extra time and patience, but has many benefits. As more families rely on fast food for mealtime and childhood obesity rates continue to rise, parents can make a lasting difference in their children’s overall health by cooking meals at home and getting the kids involved. Here are some great