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The next stage

Michael Craig might have been born for the spotlight — but now he wants to help give area kids their own shot at the stage.

Claire's Day

Claire Rubini’s love of the written word has touched many lives. The young book lover died in 2000 at the age 10, and her mom and dad Julie and Brad established Claire’s Day Inc. to honor their daughter and her love of books.

A time to grow

“There’s no job training without a job,” says Charlie Johnson. The Program Manager of the Lucas County Juvenile Justice System’s Community Integration for Training and Employment Program (CITE), Johnson knows what he’s talking about.

The greatest of ease

Showbiz is a full-time job. The acrobats in Cirque du Soleil, the legendary Montreal-based “contemporary circus” troupe, are fantastically well-trained and professional — they’ve been wowing audiences worldwide since the 1980’s with their high-flying artistry rooted in street theater.