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Building compassion

Summer vacation often commences with a binge on all the time-killers that were forbidden during the school year — Facebook, texting, and TV.

Structuring the summer

Summer break — for parents, the word “break” may be inaccurate. The loss of structure and routine that accompanies those school-free months can be a challenge for any parent, but the time off can create a unique set of problems for those who have children with special needs.

Passport required

Frequent travelers report frustration with travel delays, lousy food, and check-in lines. But there is no such complaining in Deb Meyer’s 2nd grade classroom at Elmhurst School in West Toledo. Her students do a lot of “traveling” as they study various countries, and they find their trips to be fun and exciting. Meyer, a 13-year

Study guide

Packing their lunch with healthy choices is the easy part. Packing their brains with confidence? That’s where it gets a little more challenging. Here, area psychologists, counselors and dietitians give their tips for preparing your child for the school year.

Edible energy

Eco-friendly packaging and crunchy, vibrantly-colored goodies make pre-packaged, processed food lunches a thing of the past. Local dietitians share their best tips on what to pack for a healthy school year.