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Don’t Leave Your Child’s Safety to Chance

It may not seem like there’s a large margin for error when it comes to properly installing a car seat, yet locally, there is an 80 percent misuse rate with car seats– that’s right, four out of five kids are not as safe as they should be, according to Gina Veres, supervisor, Injury Prevention &

Postpartum body perception in today’s world

Being pregnant and sporting an “adorable baby bump” is all the rage these days. Celebrities proudly showcase their expanding bellies– oftentimes with little to no clothing– and even boast about gaining baby weight. Gone are the days of hiding from the camera during a pregnancy or starving oneself to keep the pregnancy weight at bay. Unrealistic

Preparing your child for a new sibling

Preparing your child for a new baby can go miles in ensuring acceptance of their sibling and minimizing feelings of jealousy that arise from shifting family dynamics. The most important thing parents can do is to talk to children about how they’re feeling and handle behavioral issues or regressions with compassion. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rebecca

Maternity & Baby Guide

Whether you’re a first time mom or delivering your third child, each pregnancy and birth is something to celebrate. We also know how it can be exhilarating and overwhelming (and yes, often at the same time) to welcome a new baby into the world. We hope our Baby & Maternity Guide can be a go-to

Summer Camp Guide 2

Summer is coming fast! It’s time to find the perfect summer camp for your child, and we’re here to help. Check out some of the great local camps that are happening in the Toledo area. There’s something for everyone. Childcare Adventures Early Learning Center 3544 Glendale Ave. | 419-385-5880 | childcareadventures.com June 5th – August 18th

Out-Of-The-Box Birthday Guide

Every kid gets their own special day once a year, and today there are more ways to celebrate than ever before. If you find the options on Pinterest overwhelming but want a little more than the trusty cake and ice-cream get-together, fear not. There are lots of cool options these days for an out-of-the-box birthday