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To my horror, the E! Network has a new reality series called “Bridalplasty.” Brides-to-be go head to head, more like “nose to nose” against each other in fierce competition. The prizes for the contestants who are on a quest for perfection on their wedding day are nose jobs, lipo, implants and other assorted nips and


The moment of truth came sooner than I expected. I was always under the impression that babies learned to crawl before they walked. For some reason, neither baby Dee’s mom nor her uncle crawled. They went straight to walking.  I was confident that my own genetic influence would counteract that tendency. I was, like Dee,

Is there an app for that ?

" Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret. " – Ambrose Bierce I had always known I wanted kids. Four to be exact. I remember being pregnant with my oldest son, Austin and dreaming of this perfect, beautiful little boy to hold. Came out with these