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Man up

In a new Disney movie, a young chimp is orphaned and faces certain peril if not adopted by one of the females of the clan.

Cabin fever

For six decades, assorted members of my “people” have been heading north to Maple Lake. For YEARS I have attempted to negotiate strenuously with my childhood friend to go with me. Finally the stars — well actually, swim team, dance class, and work schedules — aligned so that my lifelong buddy and her two children

The family vacation

How did you spend your summer vacation? It's the social pop quiz of the month. And in the Midwest, where summer weather is a fleeting occasion, it's more like an exam — answer wrong, and your dad cool-factor is gone faster than you can say 'minivan.' As a kid, summer meant a trip to my

Texting: make mine unlimited

A lot of things are different for our kids than they were for us. We didn’t have home theaters, decent video games, or twenty-four-seven episodes of iCarly and the Regular Show. But what has changed everything are cell phones and the privacy they offer our children. Before my son started middle school I had made