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The great sleep battle

I have a confession to make about a constant, and at times, overwhelming parenting problem. A great struggle at our house is getting our kids to sleep at night. By this admission, I am venturing into a hotly debated parenting topic and opening myself up to ridicule. Despite the potential wrath of the reading public, I

Down the rabbit hole

It is hard to believe another Valentine’s Day is approaching. It is a major day for me. B.C. (before cancer) it was a day of eating my famous (if I do say so myself) lamb shanks and orzo, passing out little tokens of love and, of course, in a house of estrogen, consuming large quantities of chocolate.

Exit with care

Dee’s mother and I have made the typical rookie mistakes in many areas of parenting. One certainly stands out, and that has to do with Dee’s various transitions relating to naps and bedtimes.

Troop 229

I inherited a Brownie Troop from a woman with organizational skills that could put Martha Stewart to shame. She had three adorable offspring who always had their permission slips turned in two days before they were due and carried nutritious lunches in boxes that didn’t have Corgi bite marks on them.