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Dad Interrupted: If you read the men’s magazines, like I do, they tell you that to go camping you need expensive gear—a GPS wristwatch, a tent, hiking boots, a YETI for every situation and assorted other equipment. Now don’t get me wrong, I love overpriced gear just as much as the next guy but I know families that don’t go camping because they think it’s too expensive, so here is the real truth. With limited equipment and expense, you can have the equipment you really need and be fine.

Time to Talk: When “Wait and See” Isn’t The Best Approach

Communication plays a crucial role in the early years of a child’s life. Without the ability to hear and speak clearly, children lose vital access to many educational experiences as they grow. Early speech and hearing intervention can make a dramatic difference in the developmental progress of children from birth through early childhood.

Five Foster Care Misconceptions Set Straight

Have you been thinking about the possibility of opening your heart and your home to foster children? While there’s a need for foster parents, there are some often negative perceptions about fostering. Here are five foster care misconceptions set straight.

Dad, Interrupted—Quality Time with Your Kids

In 2018 life is so ridiculously busy and complicated with careers, after school activities, homework, sports, etc… Not to mention the added stresses of social media, political unrest and watching one too many episodes of Caillou. Seriously, what’s wrong with that kid?? When you really drill down, what’s most important? For me (and probably most of you, hey you’re reading this) it’s family. But everyone says that.