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Is There a Gun in the House?

As parents, we often go to extreme measures to protect our children from harm, yet asking other parents whether they have a gun in their home somehow falls off our radar. To keep our kids safe and to avoid a potentially tragic accident, the question begs to be asked

Love After Loss

It’s been four years since my husband passed away, but the journey moving forward without him continues daily. Perhaps it’s no longer a journey of healing; rather it’s simply our journey of life. After all, are we ever completely “healed” after the loss of a loved one? Unchartered territory Losing a spouse or significant other

What To Do About Bullies

In the past year, many communities and schools report an increase in the number of incidents in which children are harassed because of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political point of view.

From Tragedy to Triumph: A local mom’s story

Although Camisha Shamaine became a single parent through tragic circumstances, she has blazed a trail from tragedy to triumph, from depression to greatness, and from low self-esteem to confidence. Four years ago, her partner, Joseph Moore, passed away in his sleep of natural causes, and she was left to pick up the pieces with a

What to consider before using GPS to track your kid

Sooner or later, most parents lose a kid— usually for only a few minutes. Even if it’s brief, the experience is heart-stopping. And it’s given rise to a whole new industry— GPS tracking for kids. Some parents turn to GPS because the world seems scarier than it was when they were kids. Others want an

National Eczema Awareness Month

October is National Exzema Awareness month so we thought it’d be helpful to share a few tips and tricks for treating this itchy, sometimes painful medical condition. What is eczema? The term “eczema” is used to describe a wide set of medical conditions that result in itchy or inflamed skin. More than 30 million Americans