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What Makes for a Good Leader?

I have a leadership test. It’s pretty short, not too complex, and I apply it to every leader I know over and over and over. Leadership is a tough subject. We can confuse leadership with directing, dictating, being in charge or having more money. But I hold leadership to a higher standard because I think

Lessons at the Restaurant Table

As the school year heats up and our schedules get busy, we might be more inclined to hit up the drive thru line or put in an order for carry-out. And if your budget might put the squeeze on dining out regularly at restaurants, don’t completely cross the option off of your meal-time menu. Eating

KIDS HOROSCOPE: August 23 Sptember 22

Your Virgo child is very particular: they know what they like and will definitely let you know what they DON’T like! Creatures of habit, these children do best with a set routine and schedule. This month their creative switch will flip on! Make sure you know where your crayons, markers, paint and paper are! Otherwise,