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Museum Day

Museum Day celebrates the power of museums to provide visitors with insight and inspiration. More than 1,250 museums have registered to date.

Help With The Touch Of A Button—Teenpreneurs Create Crucial App

The people in a teen’s inner circle are often the best resource when a young person is struggling. Knowing how to reach out is a crucial first step. Hannah Lucas is a 15-year-old making a major impact with an app that allows users to ask for help with the touch of a button. Co-created with her 13-year-old brother, Charlie, the notOK app automatically sends a GPS location to up to five pre-selected contacts along with a text message that reads: Hey, I’m not OK. Please call me, text me, or come find me.

Preparing Youth for College & Career—The Ability Center’s Life Skills Program

The Ability Center works hard to empower individuals with disabilities by teaching skills to help with socializing, working, and living independently. In 2017, The Ability Center’s Community Connections Program was restructured. Renamed the Life Skills Program, there is now a renewed focus on helping youth with disabilities develop employability and independent living skills. Developing skills

Bento Boxes to the Rescue!

You’re probably an expert at the quick school lunch, but if you and your kids are ready to swap out the sack lunch for something more exciting this school year, try a bento box filled with a delicious and nutritious assortment of food. To keep your bento box cool for up to 8 hours, toss an ice pack in the lunch box or bag or, for room temperature food, you’re set for the day. Using a bento box provides great portion control, reduces plastic and paper waste, encourages kids to try a variety of foods, and is easy to wash and reuse for years.