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Our Favorite Things: July 2017

Yookidoo’s Submarine Spray Whale Nothing makes bathtime more fun than great bath toys. We’re loving Yookidoo’s Submarine Spray Whale, a battery operated submarine and friendly whale tub companion. The pumping system draws water from the tub that streams through the diver shower head, allowing little ones to direct the water flow anywhere in the tub

Does Spending Time Online Destroy Empathy?

It’s a valid question. There’s no doubt that, with the help of social media, some people boast and lie, spread rumors and behave like bullies online. People can behave badly in any setting. For parents, the question is how to raise children who will be a force for good, both on and offline. Empathy is

Swim Lessons: Never Too Careful

Summer has arrived– a season for barbecues, outdoor play, summer camps, and all sorts of water fun. However, with the excitement of summer activities arrives the prospect of danger, specifically the risk of accidental drowning. Kim Moore, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) instructor, shares, “Childhood drowning is the No. 1 cause of accidental death in children

Stay-at-Home Feminist

As I scrape the burnt eggs from the bottom of the pan I feel small hands tugging on the back of my shirt. “Mom!!! Look at this!!!” My 4-year old has something very important to share with me. However, my mind is on other things– the dishes at hand, the rally for peace taking place

Danger! Kids in Hot Cars

Ever run into a store for a minute, leaving your child to wait in the car? Or worse, imagine this scenario: you’re so preoccupied with getting to work on time, you forget your sleeping child is still in the backseat! When you remember, will it be too late? It may seem impossible, but accidents like