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Dentist Profiles

When your child’s baby teeth start falling out, you might be tempted to start talking about the tooth fairy, but there’s someone more
important to introduce them to— the dentist.

Bento Boxes to the Rescue!

You’re probably an expert at the quick school lunch, but if you and your kids are ready to swap out the sack lunch for something more exciting this school year, try a bento box filled with a delicious and nutritious assortment of food. To keep your bento box cool for up to 8 hours, toss an ice pack in the lunch box or bag or, for room temperature food, you’re set for the day. Using a bento box provides great portion control, reduces plastic and paper waste, encourages kids to try a variety of foods, and is easy to wash and reuse for years.

Time to Talk: When “Wait and See” Isn’t The Best Approach

Communication plays a crucial role in the early years of a child’s life. Without the ability to hear and speak clearly, children lose vital access to many educational experiences as they grow. Early speech and hearing intervention can make a dramatic difference in the developmental progress of children from birth through early childhood.