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What to consider before using GPS to track your kid

Sooner or later, most parents lose a kid— usually for only a few minutes. Even if it’s brief, the experience is heart-stopping. And it’s given rise to a whole new industry— GPS tracking for kids. Some parents turn to GPS because the world seems scarier than it was when they were kids. Others want an

Craft of the month: Clothespin Butterflies

It wouldn’t be spring without making at least one butterfly craft with the kids. These bright, cheery butterflies are a perfect decoration and also a great way to help your children use their imagination. The best thing about these flying friends is you can use whatever you have around the house! Supplies: Clothespin Pipe Cleaner

Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?

Take a minute to think about how much time you spend, daily, using some form of media. More than likely, your cell phone has turned into a fifth appendage. What about our kids? In today’s world, media use is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid, or even limit. Offering a little wiggle room to parents, the