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Too Close to Home: Toledo’s heroin epidemic

Heroin and opiate addiction is an epidemic in northwest Ohio. Fatal drug overdoses are the leading cause of death in our state while kids experiment with drugs at younger ages. The trend crosses all socioeconomic strata. How can parents provide the tools kids need to stay away from drugs, to stop this epidemic in its

Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?

Take a minute to think about how much time you spend, daily, using some form of media. More than likely, your cell phone has turned into a fifth appendage. What about our kids? In today’s world, media use is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid, or even limit. Offering a little wiggle room to parents, the

Danger! Kids in Hot Cars

Ever run into a store for a minute, leaving your child to wait in the car? Or worse, imagine this scenario: you’re so preoccupied with getting to work on time, you forget your sleeping child is still in the backseat! When you remember, will it be too late? It may seem impossible, but accidents like

When the Baby Blues Linger

What do you envision when you picture your first moments with baby? Most likely, the image you see is one of pure bliss and celebration, bonding with your little one. Yet, when the time comes, juggling the unexpected responsibilities of a newborn coupled with serious sleep deprivation can leave new moms struggling to find time