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Danger! Kids in Hot Cars

Ever run into a store for a minute, leaving your child to wait in the car? Or worse, imagine this scenario: you’re so preoccupied with getting to work on time, you forget your sleeping child is still in the backseat! When you remember, will it be too late? It may seem impossible, but accidents like

When the Baby Blues Linger

What do you envision when you picture your first moments with baby? Most likely, the image you see is one of pure bliss and celebration, bonding with your little one. Yet, when the time comes, juggling the unexpected responsibilities of a newborn coupled with serious sleep deprivation can leave new moms struggling to find time

Healthy pregnancy tips

We asked three local moms for advice on staying healthy, stress free, and level-headed during pregnancy, plus tips on how to take time to pamper yourself (a must!). Our panel: Janette Pande, mother of Maya, 8, and Avi, 4, Leandra Hutchinson, mom to Hannah, 5.5, and Lilly, 2, and Nicole Hauser, mother of Gibson, 3.5,

Don’t Leave Your Child’s Safety to Chance

It may not seem like there’s a large margin for error when it comes to properly installing a car seat, yet locally, there is an 80 percent misuse rate with car seats– that’s right, four out of five kids are not as safe as they should be, according to Gina Veres, supervisor, Injury Prevention &

Preparing your child for a new sibling

Preparing your child for a new baby can go miles in ensuring acceptance of their sibling and minimizing feelings of jealousy that arise from shifting family dynamics. The most important thing parents can do is to talk to children about how they’re feeling and handle behavioral issues or regressions with compassion. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rebecca

Playground roundup of great area parks

There’s no better way to spend time with other moms and their little ones or to wear out the kids than in the fresh spring air. Toledo has some great places to play. We hope our playground roundup inspires you to hit the swings and the slides for some fun. Hook a Walleye This Spring Side