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Buddy Walk Celebrates 15 Years

Building a sense of togetherness and having a feeling of belonging are very important parts of our world. Whether that togetherness is created in a classroom, at a sporting event, or even at a coffee shop with a friend, the idea that you belong can be empowering. This sense of empowerment is a major part

Conquering College Busy Year: Ahead for Bethany

Dancer, swimmer, employee, homecoming queen, high school graduate and youth leader are just a few of the many titles that describe Bethany Wissler. Bethany is also a scholarship recipient and college student with Down Syndrome, and she lets nothing stop her from accomplishing her goals. Keeping Busy After becoming Whitmer’s 2013 Homecoming Queen and graduating

Thankful for Theater

I don’t really know how I discovered acting. Maybe it was the class trip in elementary school to see a stage version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, or maybe it was through my parents, who told me that the people in movies and on TV are called actors. However, when I discovered acting at