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Virginia Ulch finds Fulfillment Helping Kids

One source of great satisfaction is knowing that you have made a difference in the life of another. For Virginia Ulch, this fulfillment has come in a variety of ways. Providing a guiding light “I tend to lean towards being a helper, and I love kids,” explained Ulch, describing her enjoyment for the field of

Buddy Walk Celebrates 15 Years

Building a sense of togetherness and having a feeling of belonging are very important parts of our world. Whether that togetherness is created in a classroom, at a sporting event, or even at a coffee shop with a friend, the idea that you belong can be empowering. This sense of empowerment is a major part

Conquering College Busy Year: Ahead for Bethany

Dancer, swimmer, employee, homecoming queen, high school graduate and youth leader are just a few of the many titles that describe Bethany Wissler. Bethany is also a scholarship recipient and college student with Down Syndrome, and she lets nothing stop her from accomplishing her goals. Keeping Busy After becoming Whitmer’s 2013 Homecoming Queen and graduating