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Making Memories in the Car Line

My two oldest children have just gotten to the age where I find myself spending more time in the car than I would like shuttling them back and forth between here and there. Friends told me this day would come. They said, “Enjoy the time at home when they’re little because once they get school-aged

Zen Play Every Day

How can you tell if your child needs relaxation? If your offspring’s behavior is driving you nuts, it is time to work on relaxation. Kids who are tightly wound can be exhausting; they might chronically overreact, demand constant attention, or seem like they are annoying you on purpose. Really, they are overwhelmed and need help

Creating Family Readers gives support to Toledoans

Time spent reading to one’s children is joyful and fun. But for parents who cannot read, or are not native speakers of the language used in the books, this joyful experience can, instead, be anxious and difficult. It’s a familiar experience for several families of students at Toledo’s Queen of Apostles School, where parents cannot share