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Get the ball rolling with Bittersweet’s Social Living Club

Whether you love football, soccer, hockey, basketball, or something else, organized sports are a great way for kids to boost their confidence, exercise and have a blast. But it’s not all fun and games— playing sports also teaches young athletes teamwork, cooperation, leadership and dedication. For teens who want to hone these social skills, Bittersweet’s

Inspiring locals girls by identifying Toledo’s role models

The power of a role model is unimaginable— they help us see what’s possible and discover what we’re capable of. The Girl Scouts know young girls need good women to look up to, so every year, they recognize community leaders with the Women of Distinction Program. Here are 2016’s Toledo Women of Distinction award recipients:

PRIZM invites kids and teens to color their world

We’re pretty jealous of how kids see the world. With starry eyes and imaginary friends, children paint their worlds with wonder and curiosity. To celebrate this childhood magic, PRIZM Creative Community and Way Public Library invites kids and teens through junior high age to submit works for the 2nd Annual Color My World exhibit. This